Helicopter Landing Pad

Helicopter Landing Pad

Few Hampshire hotels are able to offer a site to land your helicopter, which is why, here at Langrish House, we are so popular with those who prefer to fly in for a visit.

Our photos show our easily accessible grounds with a very suitable landing site along with our location.

Helicopter Landing Pad in the grounds of Langrish House

We Welcome You To Visit Us By Helicopter

Helicopters fly in and out of here frequently, causing great excitement with our staff and guests alike.

Private pilots drop in with celebrities and high profile dignatries and overnight accomodation is available with our delightful bed and breakfast experience.

Even our brides have been seen arriving by helicopter before their wedding.

Latitude: 51.002142351° Longitude: -1.00333501°

Helicopter Landing Pad from the sky at Langrish House
Helicopter landed on helipad at Langrish House



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